It Begins With...

It Begins With...

Originally formed in 2010 by Liam Wood, the first line up played only a single show before a health condition sidelined Liam for 12+ months which eventually lead to the other members joining new projects to keep their musical careers moving forward. In late 2011 Liam Wood, still unable to perform live on a regular basis was contacted by Cameron O'Neil, the drummer of Liam's first ever band, "N.G." formed when the guys were only 11 years old. The two decided to get to work on some of Liam's old tracks, refining and building upon the sound that can be heard now on the bands latest recordings.

In 2016 Michael Tsakmakis joined the line up on bass and in 2017 Mark Sanders completed the sound on lead guitar. It Begins With... are currently recording an EP independently and will look to start gigging in the near future.

It Begins With... use:
Yamaha, Cerwin Vega, Shure, Avid, Mackie

Liam Wood

May 26th, 1989

Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano

Alkaline Trio, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Yellowcard, The Living End

Musical heroes:
James Hetfield, Bruce Springsteen, Ben Burnley, Ryan Key, Chris Cheney

Liam uses:
Schecter, Ibanez, Maton, Mesa Boogie, Krank, Shure, Boss, Korg, Blackstar, Dunlop, Yamaha, Ernie Ball.

Cameron O'Neil

1st March, 1989

Drums, Keyboard

Tool, Porcupine Tree, Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Dream Theater, BLS, Judas Priest

Musical heroes:
Danny Carey, Gavin Harrison, Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess, Maynard James Keenan, Rob Halford, Scott Travis

Cameron uses:
Tama, Zildjian, Evans, Remo, Vic Firth, DW, Pearl, Roland, Yamaha

Michael Tsakmakis


Michael uses:
Ernie Ball, Hartke, Shure, Korg

Mark Sanders

>>>Under Construction<<<

Mark uses:
Fender, EVH, Ibanez, Boss